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BeKnown - Finding a Job Through Facebook

Finding a Job Through Facebook
You do not have a job? Or looking for a job? Your difficulty in finding a job? Maybe this one application can assist you in finding a job.

Is BeKnown. Is the output of Monster job seeker applications. This application can be accessed through Facebook. Monster penguna can import their data to a Facebook account and use the service to display the CV (Curriculum Vitae) to seek their professional work.

Facebook users who see more than 700 million people, party monster BeKnown believe this application will be accessed by many users of Facebook. Strategic way like this actually has been widely used by application developers today. BranchOut one of them.

Make your resume as professional as possible

In this BeKnown, you can set the identity of your professional and social identities in one place. So far, Monster has gained 38 million new visitors every day.

So what are you waiting. Prepare your resume as professional as possible and join the BeKnown. Good luck.

10 Things Must Be in the Business Sites

10 Things Must Be in the Business Sites
As a small business owner, you should be aware of the importance of a site representative, who is able to provide easy access and comprehensive information for visitors anytime and anywhere. The presence of your small business in the online form will greatly assist further development in various aspects, such as maintaining good relationships with customers, the discovery of business contacts, and so on. In short, having a website is an absolute necessity for small businesses in the digital era as it is now.

With based on the above reasons, for your small-business owners who still do not have a website, now is the time to design your own site. Rent professional services to set up a website and make sure your site contains the following things.

Descriptions are clear and easy to understand about who you are
Someone who accidentally visited your site does not have to do a 'probe' complex only to discover who and what you do. This means you should clearly mention the name and a summary of your products or services on the main page / homepage (homepage).

Tell people that your site is the right place, which so far they have been looking for. A clear picture will soon attract the attention of visitors and encourage them to read the contents of your site longer.

Mastery of the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Your site will not deliver maximum results if no one is visiting and reading. To some extent you need to know and master the technique of SEO so your site will be more likely visited by people through search engines.

You do not need to hire the services of an SEO practitioner who uses the tricks of the less pleasant to be ranked first or at least within the first page of search results. Just make sure your site is coded properly. In other words, you must use the appropriate keywords are scattered at several points throughout the text, put some links in a reasonable amount, giving the name of the title page and the URL correctly, and do not miss the use of images and videos as a supporter.

The design and style of a friendly visitor
As I've mentioned Forbes, "The Internet users have very low skills in focusing attention." Visitors to the site usually only read briefly to take a sample of the content in advance when they open a new web page. If they feel they have found the site that they want / give them benefits, they tend to read more slowly overall content and detail. To enhance the user experience to visit your small business website, you must set the content for easier to read quickly.

There are 3 ways of writing text for online content to improve readability with more quickly by visitors:
* For the text into paragraphs shorter. Give a small title making it easier to attract attention.
* Use bullet points in list form
* Give an emphasis on words or phrases important

In essence, the basic colors of simplicity and became a major concern. And always remember to focus on content that is aired, not the other things that are less important that it will confuse and make visitors leave your site.

Address of the site is simple and sensible
In the web world, think of it as simple as possible. Simplicity will allow visitors who do not have much time for thought to digest the information more quickly and efficiently.

Try to choose a domain that is simple and truly reflects your business because the domain plays an important role as a brand. This is what will stick in the memory of consumers. Think and ask "What would I type to find information about this business if I was an Internet user?" By putting yourself in someone else, you will more easily find a website address or email easily typed name (spelling simple).

Polar to choose. Com as your domain because the suffix is ​​the most prevalent and most people remember when typing a website address in the search box. For nonprofits, it is recommended to use the domain. Org as a brand. Keep in mind also that you should avoid using a hyphen (dash) which can be confusing for both Internet users and search engines. For example, if you choose a domain name, you have to explain every talk to people that there is a hyphen between two words. That will not happen if you choose In addition to the hyphen, use numbers in domain names should also be avoided.

Site map facilitates navigation
Site map serves to give an overview about the contents and structure of a site. Just like a book, a site map is a list of contents or an index that allows readers to find the content they need. In addition, provide a clear link on pages that are considered important.

Make sure the navigation can be done easily. It is recommended to use the dropdown menu in the navigation so that visitors can see the content under each heading of each page of the site contained.

Contact information is easily found
This may be one of the most crucial points in the business site. Your site should be easier for others to find and contact you. The site is not just a display of information that serves as a display only, but the information board that contains the information needed business. Many small businesses remain small for years because they are less able to develop business contacts and cooperation with other parties. And this is the result of the difficulty of finding and contacting them. Not all site visitors have the patience to explore the level of each page within your site.

Place your contact information at the top left or top right of the homepage. It would be better also to include contact information on each page of the site, whether it's in the foot or the right / left or upper right corner. In essence, place in such a way so that people easily find it.

So what should be contained in the contact information? Give the office address, telephone number or mobile office, fax number, business email, and the standard contact form. Or give a link to your location on Google Maps. And given the increasing use of social networking, it never hurts to make a special account services business across multiple social networking sites are widely used segment of society that becomes your target. In short, be flexible by providing many options to contact you. With more options to reach out to you, will increase the odds that your business known to people and develop later in life.

Customer Testimony
Nothing is less potent method of word of mouth in increasing the popularity and sales of a product or service. Honest words of others help the product or service you are more credible in the eyes of visitors. Customer confidence in your business will increase, this will mainly be of great help lift the name of the new venture sbuah. Such testimony also helped people who were shopping for deciding whether their products or services meet the needs or not. People are always happy to listen to the real experience of others in using a product or service. The testimony also giving consumers a fresh perspective from the consumer point of view.

Quality content that is fresh
For many businesses, the site became the benchmark for a customer's first impression. You want to give site visitors what they need and may give them a reason to come back again.

Make sure the content is presented is original content, well written and has real benefits.

You can also add blogs as an alternative to give the site a fresh feel stiff. The blog also will give the typical personality of a business with a more fluid language.

The call to action
Tell the site visitor to perform an action such as contacting you via email for business cooperation meetings, sign up for the latest updates on your site, follow the latest news on social networking your business, sign up to get the coupon / discount online, or add products to the in a virtual shopping cart (if your site also offers online buying and selling features).

Secure hosting platform
Imagine if your site is hijacked hackers and all the information in it mussed. Of course you do not want this to happen. Prevented by choosing a hosting company a trusted and secure to prevent hackers with bad intentions to penetrate the security of the site. It is also important to maintain the content management system (CMS) is always to-date so that minimize the possibility of impaired hackers.

How to Make an Interesting Domain Names

How to Make an Interesting Domain Names
Choosing a good domain name is critical to the success of your business. Site's domain name can have a big impact. The logic is the same as site selection business outlets. If you open stores in strategic locations, your business will crowded visitors. The same applies for the domain name. Here are six things that must be owned domain name for your business bring in maximum profits.

1. Memorable
A good domain name should be remembered. Sure, there are functions "bookmarks" on the internet. But the fact is many people do not take advantage of the key functions of this bookmark. Therefore, make sure your domain name easy to remember. His name should be easy and memorable, and assertive. Avoid complexity and avoid initials or abbreviations.

2. Brief
Twenty characters is the maximum. It would be better if only ten. Domain names are long and complicated will complicate others. Domain name ideally less than ten characters, a good domain name in character between 10 to 20 characters.

3. Proper extension
There are several domain extensions available,. Com for commercial entities,. Net for network providers ISP,. Org for organizations institutions,. Edu for educational institutions,. Mil for military organizations, and. Int for international. Specific extensions to function better than others, depending on needs. Extension. Com is still by far the most extensions and most widely used. Extension to the two is best. Net.

4. Easily spelled
Domain names are hard to spell would be difficult for you and your customers. A good domain name should contain words that are easy to say, have a combination of words or letters are good, commonly used in everyday life, and does not contain words that are totally foreign.

5. Descriptive
A good domain name should be descriptive. In other words, when your visitors, customers or potential customers see your domain name, they instantly knew immediately address what it refers to the effort.

6. Not using the symbol
Do not create domain names that contain numbers or hyphens. Even if it's easy to remember domain name, people just will not usually pay attention to symbols.

Finding Consumers in Social Networking

Finding Consumers in Social Networking
Social networking can be a marketing tool at no cost the most effective. However, this convenience does not come just like that. To be able to make social networking as an effective tool in helping the development of our business, it needs an effective strategy, a relatively long time, and energy is not small.

What sort of things you can do to attract more potential customers out there? Following exposure to tips from Jeffrey Carr, a marketing professor at New York University as summarized from, about how to get more customers through social networking.

Tip 1: Be patient
Carr highlighted the fact that many people still opinion that the building's name and reputation in social networks is an easy matter and can be done in no time. It's not as simple as typing a few words for updates, then automatically your name will be known to many people, and reap many customers or new relationships.

Actually, Carr continued, take a relatively long and sustained effort to build credibility in cyberspace. You have to dedicate time and little by little each day in order to appear and is known to more people. If you use Twitter, then Carr suggested to have a blog or a site as a landing page. This landing page serves as a 'home' for all our business activities in cyberspace because it usually has a limited social network to be able to load our activities. Else if you focus to Facebook. You must determine how much time and frequency to be able to update the status or interact with the visitors of your Facebook page.

Tip 2: Give the benefit
In building a name and credibility on social networks to attract consumers, are also required value / benefits to be offered to visitors. Provide useful free content, that form of information or messages that are useful for people who read. Good on Twitter, Facebook, or blog, you provide content that has benefit for visitors who read the site.

The next issue that should be a concern for small and medium businesses that want to use the social networks effectively is how to package the information that is useful to look as attractive as possible for visitors.

Tip 3: Be selective
In the wilderness of social networking, people often experience disorientation. They are less recognize the characteristics of each social networking service and blindly bombard with information that actually is less beneficial to users of social networking. We can take examples such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Both of them, even though the same social networking service, has a different target audience. Facebook is more targeted to young people who like to interact, while LinkedIn is more lead to the professionals who want to expand business networks.

According, social networking is also known dominance in each different territory. Friendster still dominates in the Philippines. Orkut has a loyal user base in India and Brazil. popular in Latin America, except Brazil. Facebook dominates Australia, Indonesia, North America (U.S. and Canada), part of South America. While China is becoming the center of the dominance of QQ. MySpace is still entrenched in the U.S.. Internet users in South Korea's Cyworld like social networking. In Central Asia, the number of users is very high Maktoob. And the Japanese swarmed by Mixi users. For this reason, you must be smart to choose, and not just using social networking social networks without knowing which ones to 'nest' the gathering of your potential customers. (* / Akhlis)

Partner mandatory online business

Partner mandatory online business
Online business is now increasingly an option, because the capital and operational costs are relatively small. You are also not bound by time and place, so they can do other work without having to wait the products you sell.

Because the buyer does not meet directly with you, they have to pay for goods by bank (wire or via credit card). You also must deliver the goods through delivery services. Therefore, banks and freight forwarding companies into two partners that you must have when it pioneered this business. Well, how to determine who should be this partner?

Choose a bank that has a network across Indonesia so that the buyer make payment easy. As with BRI, BNI, Mandiri, BCA Bank, and others. Remember, do not choose a bank that does not have a good network, because it will complicate your business.

There are two ways of payment for online businesses. First, cash on advance (prepaid). This means that the buyer pays in advance, then the goods shipped. Both are cash on delivery (paid when goods are received). That is, buyer to pay after the goods have been shipped. Choose which one you think is suitable. However, the online entrepreneur should choose the method of cash on advance to anticipate the occurrence of fraud. Do not let the order has been shipped, but payment is not received as buyers fled.

Notice your name is listed on the site. Must be complete and clear, according to the name listed in the bank. If there is only one mistake in writing the letter, the payment will not be accepted, and this will slow down the transaction.

Avoid using PayPal (credit card transactions using the internet). In addition to often unsafe, it is also considered less practical by the buyer.

Service delivery
Select a delivery service company that has a good network all over Indonesia, such as Tiki, DHL, Postal, FedEx, and others.

You will also be working with freight forwarding companies to get a special price. Select is also a delivery service company that is not so far from home or your place of business. This will make it easier when making a delivery. When delivery of goods takes place, you have to keep in touch with the delivery service company. So when the buyer asks the goods are yet to come, you can give a satisfactory answer.

Prices of goods should be adjusted to the shipping price and vice versa. Do not get shipping price far above the price of goods. Example: price of USD 80 thousand. About to be sent to Papua from Jakarta, and cost USD 150 thousand. If a buyer willing to bear the postage, it does not matter. But if not? You will lose.

*) Excerpted from Sekar Magazine

Things that Must Be in Blog Business

Things that Must Be in Blog Business
Blog is not the monopoly of a young boy who wants to pour his idea, or the online business consumers who want to capture as much as possible to compete in order to appear on the first page of search engines. Blogs can be used for pilot efforts for a more constructive purpose in the long term business. Unfortunately many business owners do not understand the pioneering significance of blogs in helping the development of their business. In addition, they have not found how the style of writing in the blog, what topics should be lifted so much visited, and so on.

If you are one of many pioneering business owners who have not realized the importance of the blog, now is the time you change that assumption Mark Suster, an entrepreneur who focuses on venture capital, explained several reasons why a pioneering effort should write a blog.

Various terms of benefit
One trend that never runs out is the spirit of sharing goodness. In the world of blogs, people compete with each other to provide information that has value to the reader. The best blogs are blogs that could present the most valuable information quickly on its website. However, do not worry as much as you give, the more you will receive.

Build interaction with customers
By writing a blog, will awaken a two-way communication. Imagine you create a status on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, like that blog. All can be commented, adding, justify, or argue about the topic of writing that you have created. The only difference is post (blog content) in a blog longer and more detailed than the status on Facebook or Twitter. It became a challenge, especially for those who are less familiar ideas in written form.

However, do not worry. If you find it difficult to pour ideas in written form, you can find alternatives that better fit your personality. If you like taking pictures, maybe you can provide content in the form of photographs that can be given a little explanation. If you like talking, try to do podcasting. Podcasting is basically writing a blog but in the form audio format (usually mp3) that can be downloaded for free and listened to people in a variety of compatible devices. Like a combined audio and visual? Suguhkan video content in your business blog. Visitors will be able to have a clear image of what business you have. In short, you can do blogging without having to be glued to the paper format. Be creative! This is what distinguishes a blog from a rigid corporate website.

Form the audience
By having a blog, your efforts will have its own audience. If you can generate ideas that are original and truly solve the problems they face, this audience would automatically consider you as an authority, an experienced practitioner or expert and his opinion should be used as a reference. Your business is automatically also be interested. Your product will be affected positively by the authority derived from blog visitors. Loyal audience that could eventually turn into loyal customers.

Communicating the vision
Your efforts are still new and blogs can be used as a tool for delivering business vision to as many people. Not only to deliver a conventional manner, but also in many ways more enjoyable for visitors or potential customers. People would rather read a blog that uses a variety of language-friendly and familiar as casual conversation of friends to a variety of friends than the official language used in documents. Vision will be better conveyed by using knowledge of the characters and the reader favorite.

Affect the industry
Industry in which you pioneering effort to move may be affected by the opinions expressed in the blog. Of course this opinion have not any opinion but the basics are clear and reasonable based on experience, observation and so on. And as said earlier, a significant influence in the field of business can be built one of the blog that contains thoughts and ideas that are second to none.

Selling a product or service
Not a new thing anymore that blogs can serve as an effective marketing tool. However, not everyone can sell more in their blogs. Caution is needed because most people stuck to promote too much in it. Back to the first point, you can draw a profit if you have something useful to share with others. Put yourself as a visitor to your blog. Are you happy if bombarded with content pitched urged to buy products or use the services? To prevent the escape of your blog, give useful content, such as publishing content that is relevant to their needs, enabling two-way communication (for reader comments), and so on. If you explain how important the product or service in making their lives better, their chances to use your product or service will be bigger.

Quite simply, you simply write about the industry that your field of business now. Example In the early days, they aim to create a site that accommodate their customers. Now they become the leader in terms of ideas and has a beautiful design products. They make inbound links on topics that attract more visitors to their sites. Please type in "personal financial management" in Google and you can find on the first page.

Another thing that should be considered when writing a blog for the business segment of the pilot is found that you can make the target. Choose carefully about anyone who is most likely to buy your product or service. Then create a blog with useful content for those with a style they like. (* / Akhlis)

Market Your Business with Facebook

Market Your Business with Facebook
Has it occurred to you market your business with Facebook? As we know that the Facebook fever has hit Indonesia, both from the children up to the adults.

This phenomenon is certainly put to good use by businesses to market products / services they sell or to introduce them on a website or blog Facebook users.

Here are tips to optimize the use of Facebook as marketing media online:
* Create a specific profile to represent your business on Facebook. Use an attractive profile picture and your wall is always updated regularly.
* Always add your friends every day on a regular basis so you can start networking with potential customers.
* Make group about your business and looking for group or business that are relevant to your field.
* Create a special page for your business, then recommend to friends. Begin to regularly update the page, fill in new products, photos, events, or articles of interest.
* Upload product images and then tag your friends. Do not forget to give pricing details and how to order these products.

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